Welcome to the Parkside Willoughby project consultation website. Here you will find information about the project history, the modified Concept Plan, planning process and key benefits of the project.

Community consultation is an important part of the planning process and you are invited to review the proposed plans and submit your comments or questions.

The developers of Parkside Willoughby, Euro properties and Lotus Property Fun (LEPC9) have a long history of developing high-quality residential projects across the world.

Upon acquiring the Channel 9 site, LEPC9 initiated a design excellence competition to re-evaluate the approved Concept Plan to deliver the best possible urban design solution for Parkside Willoughby. This competition was presided over by Andrew Andersons AO, once of the leading architects in Australia, and demonstrates LEPC9’s commitment to achieving the highest quality design outcomes for the site. Five award-winning architectural firms were invited to take part in the design excellence competition, and the selected architects produced a range of high quality potential schemes for the site.

CHROFI won the design excellence competition. Their scheme demonstrated a wide range of improvements for the site including more accessible open space, larger public parks, more legible street networks and improved pedestrian connectivity.

We look forward to hearing from you and keeping you up-to-date on the future of this important project.